Catalyst USA applies a combination of macro-economic and strategic frameworks for successful value enhancement, with strong on the ground operational experience in developing projects.

Value creation is more than just supplying/investing capital, it is a holistic process based on understanding what it takes to help projects and companies succeed.

1- Catalyst USA is a unique global developer and advisory firm that creates, invests in, and grows successful projects with a specialization in the energy and energy storage.

2- The Catalyst USA team has experience in project development, investment structuring and management, business building, and operational leadership. This is applied to both the development of energy projects and to international and regional technology companies focused on international and emerging markets. Catalyst USA’s value addition includes upgrading environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards and processes. Catalyst USA’s experience includes direct renewable energy project development as well as experience in leading technology organizations in the MENA region for global clients. This comes with a background of founding, leading, advising, and/or investing in over a dozen international and regional project, technology and industrial companies, including in cooperation with international strategic partners.